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FAQs about dentures and options available to replace missing teeth


Good Quality Dentures in Wichita KS Area
Dr. David Koepsel heads our practice here at East Wichita Dentist, and we have a team of compassionate and experienced dental partners and hygienists ready to make you smile again. In addition to routine and surgical dental care, we provide good-quality dentures for individuals with missing teeth in Wichita, Kansas. Let us bite into some of patients' most frequently asked questions about dentures.

What type of dentures are available?

Today, dentures are more diverse than ever, with options including:
  • Complete Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Flexible Dentures
  • Fixed Bridge & Cantilever Dentures
  • Custom Dentures
  • Temporary & Immediate Dentures Snap-in Dentures
  • Implant-supported Dentures

How can I benefit from dentures?

Dentures can offer you a wide range of benefits if you have one or more missing teeth. They can restore the smile, bite, and chewing functions and minimize side effects of missing teeth like speech changes, facial sagging, and shifting of the remaining teeth.

What steps are involved in the process of getting dentures?

Our Wichita dentist will ensure that your gums and soft tissue are healthy enough for dentures. The next step is to extract any necessary teeth to make dentures possible.

After healing from tooth removal, we will fit you for dentures based on the teeth' length and the mouth's plane. That ensures a good alignment between the lower and upper teeth. You may receive a set of temporary or immediate dentures while waiting for the process to be completed.

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We will then make a wax set to create a mold of what the final plastic dentures will look like. These are then sent to the laboratory for final adjustments and molding. The last visit will have you ready to go with your brand-new dentures in place.

Can I sleep in my dentures?

While dental professionals do not recommend sleeping in your dentures overnight, it's okay to do so during naps. Giving the gums and bones a chance to rest from the pressure of dentures is ideal, and this resting period also allows time to properly clean and soak them.

What's the best way to care for my dentures?

Never use regular toothpaste or whitening solutions on dentures, as this can scratch and damage the surface of the teeth. Use a paste specially formulated as a denture cleanser and gently brush the surfaces at least once daily. There are also a few solutions to help remove stains from dentures should they occur.

Let Us Help You Smile Proudly Again!

Dr. Koepsel has years of experience providing patients with good-quality dentures in Wichita, Kansas. Our practice can help patients through the entire process, from extractions to the final fitting. He and his team also can handle root canals, dental implants, minor tooth surgery, and routine dental care. Contact East Wichita Dentist online or call (316) 686-7395 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. David Koepsel to learn more about dentures and options suitable for your needs.

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