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Dentist in Wichita, KS designs beautiful smiles with dentures


Remedies for Pain from Wearing Dentures in Wichita area
The American College of Prosthodontists reports that 40 million people in this country, and 30 percent of adults aged 65 to 74 are edentulous – they have no remaining natural teeth. About 90 percent get dentures, but not all are satisfied with their resulting appearance. Dr. David Koepsel helps his patients in the Wichita, KS area get the oral function they need and the beautiful smiles they deserve with personalized denture design.

The aging effect of edentulousness

Distance from bottom of the nose to tip of the chin normally represents one-third of the vertical length of the face. Without teeth, that proportion is immediately distorted, drawing the nose much closer to the chin. Without the support of teeth, lips tend to curl inward, looking thin and creating a stern expression. Periorbital lines radiate from the mouth. Skin on the lower half of the face sags, drawing corners of the mouth downward, creating jowls, and forming wrinkles known as marionette lines and witches chin.

Without the stimulation of tooth roots, minerals from the jawbone are absorbed back into the bloodstream and sent to other parts of the skeletal system. As jawbone diminishes, the face collapses even more.

The youthful impact of dentures

Dentures that are properly designed and fitted help to re-establish support for facial structures and restore a beautiful, natural-looking smile. At East Wichita Dentist, the multi-step process takes a little time, but results are aesthetic as well as comfortable and functional.
  • Initial impression – This first mold of your mouth is the starting point. Dr. Koepsel uses it to fabricate a custom tray, the foundation for a final impression that accurately reflects subtle elements of mouth anatomy.
  • Final impression – The custom tray holds a pliable material. It is inserted into the mouth, and as it sets up, the doctor guides you through a series of oral movements to incorporate muscles, tongue position, cheek tissue, and gums into denture design.

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  • Wax try-in – The denture base is fabricated from final impressions. It is inserted so you can “test drive” the fit. Dr. Koepsel analyzes how snugly the denture seats and how well it is retained in the mouth, while you get a feel for comfort. A wax-like material acts as a substitute for the teeth, simulating their height, shape, and positions. This allows a realistic evaluation of the ability to speak and chew, and a good idea of how the denture will fill out facial contours.
  • Bite registration – This step assesses how teeth in the upper and lower arches will come together. Proper bite registration makes it easier to adapt to wearing the denture (without gagging or excess salivation) and reduces the risk of future TMJ problems. Modifications to the wax try-in are made as many times as necessary, until the patient and doctor are satisfied. Then the model goes to the denture lab, along with specifications for shading of teeth and gums.
  • Functional try-in – Teeth are now in the denture, but held in place temporarily with wax, so adjustments can still be made. This is your chance to tell Dr. Koepsel if anything feels a bit off about the fit or appearance, so he can communicate it to the lab. His number one goal is your satisfaction.
  • Your new smile – When dentures come back from the lab, you return for insertion. The team provides helpful instruction on adapting, how to care for dentures, and oral hygiene. The biggest problem most patients experience is that they cannot stop grinning when they see their new smiles!
  • Follow up – Dr. Koepsel sees you again in a few weeks to make sure you are getting along well with your dentures, and to answer questions you may have.

Patients in Wichita, KS get more than beautiful smiles with dentures

Get more than beautiful smiles with dentures In Wichita, KS area
A healthy mouth with a full set of teeth has 100 percent oral function. It can bite, tear, and grind food into easily-digestible bits. It communicates verbally by speaking, and non-verbally through facial expressions. It contributes as nature intended to respiration.

For a person with no natural teeth, all aspects of oral function plummet drastically. Great fitting conventional dentures restore a fair amount of oral function, and implant-supported dentures increase bite force by about 70 percent.

With an implant-retained denture, you enjoy a broader range of foods. Because dentures cannot rock or wobble, gum irritation is greatly reduced. Teeth remain secure when laughing, speaking, and during intimate moments. The upper denture does not cover the palate, so taste and temperature sensation are not impacted.

Call East Wichita Dentist in Wichita, KS at (316) 686-7395 to start your journey to many years of beautiful smiles with dentures.

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