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Quick facts for Wichita residents about Full and Partial Dentures

I just had the confidence in him that he knew what he was doing. He could do most everything onsite. There were things that some dentists, I think, have to send out for and he’s kind of a one stop shop, not necessarily for me, but for getting stuff done and it just seems to me that he didn’t have to wait on other places to make the molds or I can’t remember what all the things were, didn’t have to send you somewhere else. It was just a convenience and thorough. They were thorough and convenient and that kind of stuff.
- Carol
Dentures are removable prosthetics that replace missing teeth and supplement surrounding tissues. The doctors at EastWichitaDentist.com have a great deal of experience restoring the smiles and functionality of Wichita area patients with full and partial dentures.

If you are considering dentures, you've probably been wondering about these points.

Full Dentures are sometimes called complete dentures. They replace an entire arch of teeth. Conventional full dentures are fitted at least 8 to 12 weeks after teeth have been removed to allow gum tissues to heal. Plan on several visits to prepare impressions, approve a wax model, and select color. Then it will take the dental laboratory a few weeks to cast the dentures.

Immediate Dentures are made in advance and worn as soon as teeth are extracted. They require fit adjustments as the mouth heals. Immediate dentures are sometimes worn as a temporary solution until conventional dentures are fabricated.

A removable Partial Denture consists of one or more replacement teeth held together with a metal framework. It is usually kept in place by internal attachments.

Floating Dentures are held in position only by natural suction and gravity. They significantly limit chewing function, and may slip or pop out unexpectedly when speaking.

Implant-supported Dentures stay securely in place with very small titanium screws placed into the jawbone. The procedure is brief and well tolerated, and as few as four implants dramatically improve the stability of dentures. Implants also contribute to bone density to avoid a caved in appearance.

Most patients adapt quickly to our dentures because we take extra care to ensure a precise fit. However, they may feel a bit loose or odd until your cheek muscles and tongue become accustomed to them. We recommend taking time to practice eating, starting with small bites and soft foods. It's important to avoid very hard or sticky foods, and don't use toothpicks.

You may experience a temporary increase in salivation or minor mouth irritation. At EastWichitaDentist.com, six months of follow-up care and fit adjustment is included with every denture procedure.

You will look terrific in your new dentures. They can be created to replicate your natural teeth, or improve your smile dramatically. You may also see overall enhancement as the dentures fill out your facial appearance.

Our hygiene team will provide instruction on caring for your dentures to keep them sparkling clean and to ensure a healthy mouth and fresh breath. We will talk with you about wearing the dentures at night, and discuss whether you should consider adhesives.

At least a portion of the cost of dentures is usually covered by dental insurance and flexible spending plans. We will be happy to help you obtain a coverage estimate.

Getting beautiful, well-fitted dentures can be a life changing experience. It's also a big decision, and you probably have additional questions. Call EastWichitaDentist.com at (316) 686-7395 for answers that will have you smiling.
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    Such an amazing dental office! The staff is so nice and welcoming. I felt right at home. They used sedation dentistry on me and it took all the fear from me and it didn't even hurt. I have never met a dental office that is so easy to talk to! Love them