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Is the cost of mini dental implants really worth it?

When you have lost teeth, it is not a good idea to leave the empty gaps in your smile. With so many ways to restore your smile, it may be hard to choose, but one of the best options for your smile would be dental implants.

However, if the cost of dental implants has been keeping you from replacing your teeth with the best restorations, you might want to ask your dentist about mini dental implants. Mini dental implants were originally placed as temporary implants until it was discovered that they were quite difficult to remove because the bone grew around them just like regular implants. As a result, they are now being used by some dentists as an alternative to regular implants for certain patients.

Mini implants are under 3mm in size while dental implants are usually around 3.7mm. Mini implants also usually do not require an abutment, which helps to cut costs, and the procedure to place them is much simpler. Because they are smaller, they also require less bone structure to bond with, and they are easier to place, which reduces your recovery time.

One of the biggest benefits of mini dental implants is that they do not need as much bone material to be set in place. This means that dental patients who could not receive normal implants can still restore their smiles with mini dental implants, so they don't have to settle for another restoration or receive a bone graft.

At our office, we believe that mini implants are best used to support full dentures though they can be used for other restorations as well. If implants sound like the restoration you want but you have been told you do not have enough bone structure or you are worried about the cost, you should ask a dentist near you about mini dental implants. Like many other patients, you may find that this method of restoration is just what your smile needs. Being able to invest in mini dental implants will give your new smile better stability as well as keep your bone structure intact. Most patients find that the many benefits implants like this can give their smiles far outweigh the cost.
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