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Why should patients consider orthodontic treatment from a Wichita Dentist?

Many patients may be unhappy with their misaligned smiles and consider the benefits that straighter teeth can provide. For most, straighter teeth are desired because of the appearance of the smile. Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, and crooked, misaligned teeth can ruin a patient’s dream smile. Many patients will ask their dentist in Wichita about effective orthodontic treatment to help them obtain the smile they’ve always wanted.

Orthodontic treatment should be considered for a number of reasons, in addition to the cosmetic benefits.

First, straighter teeth are not as prone to developing periodontal disease and tooth decay. Straighter teeth contribute to a healthier mouth, because there are fewer areas for plaque, tartar, and bacteria to collect. They are also easier to brush and floss, which helps patients keep their oral health at its finest!

Second, straighter teeth contribute to better chewing and biting efficiency. This can help patients enjoy their food and properly digest it when they eat.

Third, teeth that are not addressed with orthodontics may develop other problems. Misalignment may cause abnormal tooth wear, and misaligned bites can cause headaches or other pain.

Fourth, the most obvious: cosmetic appearance. Patients will be able to enjoy a more attractive smile, which can greatly improve their confidence and self-esteem. This can benefit patients in their business and personal lives, making positive changes to their life and lifestyle.

It is important for patients to consider all the wonderful benefits of orthodontic care. The team at East Wichita Dentist offers orthodontics for patients who want to improve their smile and enjoy the benefit of a healthier, more beautiful smile. Patients can consider braces when they begin receiving their adult teeth, around the age of seven. This is the perfect time for patients to have an initial consultation with their dental team and learn about the process of orthodontic treatments.

Are you a teenager or adult considering orthodontic treatment in the Wichita area? If so, contact our team today to schedule your consultation appointment and examination to determine your candidacy for this service.
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