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What do I do for my chipped tooth in Wichita?

Dental technology is constantly evolving. Today, in Wichita, patients have access to the most advanced treatments that make repairing damage and enhancing the appearance of the smile a breeze. One of the biggest downfalls of dental treatment has always been the number of appointments necessary for certain procedures to be completed. Everyone has a busy schedule and making time to come back for two or three appointments can be difficult to manage.

A chipped tooth is one of the most common dental injuries. Although covered by the strongest substance in our body, our teeth are not indestructible. There is a long list of ways that a tooth may be damaged. Sometimes it is an already weakened tooth from other wear and tear that finally breaks off in a moment of pressure on the tooth. Perhaps it happens while chewing something hard or very tough resulting in an annoying break or chip. Other times, teeth are damaged in sports or play; just accidents of being hit with force. If teeth are damaged and other injuries have resulted, you should seek immediate care from emergency medical services. If your tooth breaks off in a daily activity and you’re not experiencing severe pain, you should be fine to call and schedule an appointment with your dentist. Don’t let it worry you too much. Thankfully, modern dentistry has solutions to resolve your issues and get your smile back to normal.

Persons in the Wichita area who have a damaged tooth can seek the exceptional services offered by East Wichita Dentist.com. It is quite possible you could come in and leave with a repaired tooth in the same visit. Our experienced dentists will evaluate and determine which procedure will provide the most natural and durable repair while keeping benefit and cost-effectiveness in mind. Sometimes a mildly damaged tooth can be fixed with a bonded filling or bonding material. The material which matches the tooth will be attached to the damaged tooth, then shaped and smoothed to give a natural finish. In other cases, the tooth may be in a condition where it is best to drill away part of the tooth and put a crown on the remainder of the healthy tooth. This will provide a stronger tooth with a natural-looking finish. Our office offers same-day, in-house construction of beautiful and durable crowns using CEREC technology so you don’t have to wait or endure the inconvenience of multiple visits. Once placed, the crown causes the tooth to function as a normal tooth with regards to care and chewing. If the repair needed is purely of a cosmetic nature, a patient may be a candidate for dental veneers. These cover the tooth and give a perfected look to a very imperfect tooth.

We encourage our patients to schedule regular checkups and maintain good oral hygiene at home, as well. Some damage to natural teeth may be prevented by exercising a little extra forethought and caution. Natural teeth are a valuable asset. Once they are lost you can get a substitute, but you won’t ever get the real ones back. Contact us to find out all the ways we will meet and exceed your dental needs.
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