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Surprising reasons why dental health is important to every family in Wichita, KS


Why Family Dental Health Is Important in Wichita, KS area
Family is defined simply as parents and children living in the same household. It does not necessarily entail a biological bond. The emotional commitment can be every bit as strong in all sorts of blended groups. The common trait of a family is wanting the best for one another. Wichita, KS dentist, Dr. David Koepsel, shares these thoughts on why dental health is an important aspect of that sentiment.

Comfort is one of the keys to a happy outlook on life

You may be aware that your significant other has daily back pain, or an adult family member is hampered by arthritis or fibromyalgia. Yet most people – especially children – do not talk about mouth pain. Kids may not even be fully cognizant that it exists, if they are too young to remember a time before oral pain started.

Yet chronic pain has a dramatic effect on quality of life. The physical and mental struggle to carry on normally despite ongoing discomfort has far-reaching effects on:
  • Mood – A nagging toothache may manifest as lethargy, depression, or anxiety.
  • Sleep – Dental problems such as bruxing (clenching and grinding teeth), TMJ disfunction, and sleep disordered breathing (obstructive sleep apnea) have a grave impact on sleep quality. They often prevent the sufferer from reaching deep phases of sleep necessary for hormonal release that allows cells in the body to regenerate properly.
  • Mental focus – Relentless discomfort interferes with concentration and memory.
  • Social interaction – Relationships within the family unit (and outside the household) are affected, too. As an inherent survival mechanism, a chronically uncomfortable person tends to be more self-centered and less empathetic to others. Patience may be in short supply, and for adults, libido may fall victim.

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Naturally, you do not want members of your family to deal with these challenges. A solid program of home oral hygiene combined with regular professional cleanings and checkups helps to avoid dental issues that cause discomfort.

Everyone faces expectations

Baby play with dental instuments
Regardless of age or gender, we are all expected to behave certain ways in given circumstances. Whether those expectations are imposed by society or our own internal standards, poor dental health can cause us to fall short.

Research conducted by the Ostrow School of Dentistry at the University of Southern California, published in American Journal of Public Health Dentistry, reports that children with tooth pain are four times more likely to have a GPA below 2.8 compared to kids with good dental health. Elementary school children miss, on average, more than two school days per year due to dental problems. (By extension, parents do too, in order to care for the kids.)

Tooth decay and oral development are generally the focus of childhood dental problems, but other issues can certainly affect adult productivity, as well. Common culprits are migraines from TMJ disorders, and sleep deprivation from obstructive sleep apnea. They cause missed work and impaired performance and increased risk of accidents.

Treatment does not have to mean mind-dulling pain medications. Drug-free oral appliance therapy can make a tremendous difference.

Confidence = success

Smiling is one of the most natural and instinctive human interactions. Without speaking a word, it tells others your intentions are genuine and puts them at ease. A confident smile can make a friend, create the favorable first impression that lands a job, or win support of a workplace team. Yet people with unattractive teeth do not usually smile much. They can be perceived as rude or unapproachable. Persistent bad breath adds another layer of challenge to success.

Fortunately, with periodontal care, restorative dental treatments, cosmetic services, and orthodontic options, Dr. Koepsel can add confidence to virtually any smile.

Where wellness starts

Happy family in the dental office
The mouth is truly the gateway to the body. Good dental health lets you eat a well-rounded, nutritious diet and helps you breathe properly.

Gum disease disturbs much more than the condition of soft tissues. This inflammatory disease is caused by acidic excretions of harmful oral bacteria. Left untreated, it attacks bone and stabilizing ligaments, resulting in tooth loss. Meanwhile, pathogens make their way into the bloodstream. They may initiate systemic inflammation linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and other wellness threats.

In this sense, proper dental care that restores oral health can be life-saving.

Dr. Koepsel and his team in Wichita, KS know why dental health is important to your family. Let them show you how to preserve it. Call East Wichita Dentist at (316) 686-7395 to schedule appointments for the ones you love. .

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