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We all hate to lose a tooth, but unfortunately sometimes one has to go. When a tooth is too far-gone, it may be impossible to save, and sometimes the time or expense of saving a tooth is too much of a burden for the patient. Advanced gum disease and decay are the most common reasons.

Of course, we use local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. When extracting teeth, we use a gentle technique called minimal force. Removal of a tooth with this method is more of an engineering problem than a matter of brute force. For people who are apprehensive, we offer sedation to help them be more comfortable during the process.

There is minimal recovery time from an extraction. Within a few days, everything should feel comfortable again. A lot of it depends on how much infection there was in the first place, when the tooth was removed, or how much has to be done to remove it. In some cases, we prescribe antibiotics in advance, for a more comfortable extraction. However, sometimes it is better to get the tooth out of there as soon as possible, so the infection can drain. Your dentist will recommend the best option for your health and comfort.

We understand that you don't want to go all over town visiting different specialists. We do virtually all extractions, right here in our office. Occasionally, we may have to refer someone to a specialist for something like a complex impacted wisdom tooth, but this is rare. Our patients appreciate the convenience of comprehensive care, as well as the peace of mind that comes with seeing a dentist you trust.

After the tooth is extracted, replacing it is important. Gaps in your smile can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, as well as making chewing difficult. They can also cause problems with your other teeth, and overall oral health. The neighboring teeth will begin leaning towards the space. Crooked teeth, gaps, and difficult to clean areas can lead to plaque buildup, causing gum disease. We offer bridges, traditional implants, mini-implants and partial or full dentures to make your smile whole again. If you want to replace the missing tooth with an implant, it is advisable to preserve the bone with a socket filler.

If you have a tooth that may need extraction, or any other dental problems, call 316-215-6018, or use the form at the side of this page to schedule an appointment at East Wichita Dentist.
I live within Wichita, KS. I usually visit Dr. Thomas Fankhauser, he's this type of great cosmetic dentist. They've completely removed my fears of visiting the dentist. I will recommend East Wichita Dentist to everybody I recognize.
- Tami J.
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